Design office in Lorraine, in the Vosges, created in 1991 by Luc GREMILLET and Marc THIERY.

We are a multidisciplinary team specialized in R&D, surrounded by a network of partners and suppliers allowing us to answer requests in many fields of activity.


Le Sur-Mesure Industriel is a service company for the industry, with a status of machine builder.


You have the benefit of a dedicated contact and our manufacturer’s guarantee.

Our services cover all steps, from project definition to on-site commissioning and staff training.

Our strengths:

  • Our ability to adapt to a wide variety of problems in very different sectors of activity
  • Our ability to propose solutions that were not part of the initial demand
  • Our wish to always look for the simplest technical solution (guarantee of reliability and efficiency)
  • Our creativity, our expertise, our experience
  • The diversity of our customers
  • Our ability to handle and manage projects abroad

Our values and promises:

  • We work directly with our customers and suppliers because we encourage reliable exchanges and relationships
  • Design and production of durable machines
  • 100% of projects completed, any litigation
  • Reasonable company size for involved project managers and your contact person from A to Z

Key dates:

1991 – Creation of the company in Thaon les Vosges (88)

1998 – Installation on the ZI Inova 3000, in Thaon Les Vosges

2011 – 20 years of the company

2018 – Operational assembly hall – 650m² – overhead crane 8 tons – 6m under hook

2021 – 30 years of the company

2022 – Luc’s retirement

Our team:

Marc THIERY – Managing Director, owner
Joëlle GREMILLET – Accounting
Gabriel GERARD – Project manager, mechanical
Serge GUGGENHEIM – Project manager, mechanical
Sylvain MANGEL – Project manager, mechanical
Olivier WILLMANN – Project manager, mechanical
Jean-Baptiste GERARD – Project manager, mechanical
Aurélien NOURDIN – Project manager, automation
Francis GREMILLET – Project manager, automation
Thierry LAMQUIN – Project manager, instrumentation, robotic